Ninda-an ezzateni watarra ekutteni*.

Ninda-an ezzateni watarra ekutteni*

*Now we will eat bread and drink water.
The first deciphered Hittitian sentence.

Ceramics has been an integral part of the Anatolian civilizations for thousands of years. The civilizations that rolled through this land touched her with their poetry, but also not without their pain and blood. Her soul is wise. She has made sense of and has come to peace with all that she experienced. She offers exclusive solitude within an unusual time flow. All this to say, Anatolia, the heartland of soil pottery, is an existential part of our soul. Just by her very self, she is our boundless artistic inspiration.

For QUALIA the Hittite/hatti sun is a tree with its roots in Alacahöyük and its leaves in Ankara. This symbol free of all ideologies and bearing the concepts of freedom, peace, fertility, sun, earth, universe means home for us, as a daughter of Ankara and as a son of Ankara, a home with an unlocked bronze gate.