The Studio

Our Unique Piece

Our Unique Piece

Per aspera ad astra.”
- from the mud to the stars…

Studio Qualia is an idea, design and craft studio, based in London. It is a creative space dedicated to making unique, functional, gorgeous handmade ceramics.

Studio Qualia specializes in producing artisanal dinnerware and unique home decor objects, which bring our multi-faceted and fluid inspiration into daily life, with effortless beauty and authentic expression.



‘Qualia’ refers to the distinctive and subjective qualities of our conscious and subconscious perceptions.
Our perception is our own reality. Each perception is a creation of collective and personal experiences and the feelings they evoke. How the world looks and feels to us is our Qualia. It is this natural yet wise flow where Qualia founded its inspiration. Not for the elaborate much-pondered words and lives, but for each and every imperfect, yet effortlessly unique one. Each infinitely unique and free, yet with the wisdom of the ‘better together’. So that everyone’s ‘Qualia’ can be shared. So that each one’s unique piece can flow, and evolve…