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We are an idea, design, and craft studio, specializing in artisanal ceramics. Our aim is to connect people with the clay and introduce them to the beautiful world of ceramics. We offer private creative pottery classes and workshops, and unique experiences in our cozy garden studio for individuals, couples, friends, and families. We are located in Southwest London.

For your convenience, we offer flexible times for weekdays and weekends.

Come and create your own unique pieces…


These tester sessions are the perfect introduction to the beautiful world of ceramics. Explore your creativity by making your unique pieces under the guidance of ceramic artist Oya Horani.

Level: Any level including absolute beginner

Duration: 90 min

Capacity: up to 4 people

Prices :

1 to 1:£90 / 1 to 2:75 pp/ 1 to 3:£65 pp /1 to 4:£55 pp


Immerse yourself in the magical world of colors. Bring life and light to the pottery pieces you created during the MEET THE GLAZE session.

Level: Any level including absolute beginner. This session is recommended after the MEET THE GLAZE session, as glazing is the 2nd essential part of the pottery process.

Duration: 90 min

Capacity: up to 4 people

Prices :

1 to 1:£90 / 1 to 2:75 pp/ 1 to 3:£65 pp /1 to 4:£55 pp


Enjoy the world of art and relaxation through pottery with your loved one. For this session, we slightly dim the lights of the studio and turn the music on.

This is a unique experience where you forget about the world outside and immerse yourself in co-creating with your loved one. Join your imaginations and your hands to create your unique pottery pieces.

Level: All levels including beginners

Duration: 120 min.

Capacity: 2 people

Price: £150 (£75 per person)

Learn basic pottery skills, make your own unique pieces.


This structured creative pottery course is designed for beginners, who would like to dive into the world of pottery and make their own ceramic pieces.

Over 6 sessions, you will experience a unique journey into the design and making of ceramics. At the end of the course, you will have several unique ceramic pieces in hand, which you will have created and produced, using the different techniques taught.

Duration: 6 sessions, 12 hours

Capacity: up to 3 people

Price: 1 to 1 £500 / 1 to 2 £400 / 1 to 3 £330 per person

Learn all about the art of hand-building pottery

SESSION 1 Introduction to clay, pinching technique, making pots
SESSION 2 Hand-building cups and mugs
SESSION 3 Coil construction, making pots, and bowls.
SESSION 4 Slab construction, making plates, texturing
SESSION 5 Preparing for glazing, decoration techniques
SESSION 6 Glazing and firing (firing prices will be separated depends on pieces )

Make your favorite coffee cups, mugs and plates following our CAFE ARTISAN collection design, under the guidance of the studio’s creative duo, Oya and Gokhan.

With this course, you will be introduced to our unique 3-pillar idea-design-craft creative process. You will learn basic hand-building techniques of pinching, coiling and slapping, while making your own Cafe Artisan set to take home and enjoy.

Duration: 3 sessions, 6 hours

Capacity: up to 3

Price: £550

Level: All levels including beginner

To feel, to create, to make your unique piece…

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“Studio Qualia is a world of knowledge, sharing, and kindness. Each class is a unique out-of-time experience where our souls can rest in a peaceful oasis, so rare in our daily crazy lives. Thank you for creating this magic!”

Julia & Fred

“I am absolutely happy with the skills I got during the pottery sessions with Oya and with how the mugs we made together turned out. Shaping clay with Oya was much more than attending a pottery class, it was a great social experience! I felt like I was talking to a long-time friend. I highly recommend it to anyone.”


“We took a pottery class with two of my friends and enjoyed every moment of it! Oya was an amazing teacher and she made sure we were happy throughout the whole time. We made our own unique mugs and will cherish the time we had forever! Thank you so much for everything!”

“My son and I treated ourselves with “a meet the clay” workshop with Oya. It was during those weeks of miserable weather and we felt the sunshine as soon as we entered the studio and met Oya and her magic smile. I was quite new to ceramics and I quickly enjoyed shaping the clay under the benevolent guidance of Oya. Her technical advice taught in a calm and effective way helped me understand how I should work with the clay to give it the shape I had in mind; it was a real active meditation for me! I was in a different world for a few hours, forgetting everything else and enjoying my time. We both made flower vases, very different, guided by our sensibility and Oya’s experience. We were very happy with our creations and agreed we would come back to finish them in a “meet the glaze” workshop. Which we did and loved, another different and very interesting experience. Many many thanks to Oya for these beautiful and peaceful moments of sharing and happiness!”

   Karin & Oscar